Highly Talented Doctor

Gaishi Shenyi | Gàishì Shényī | Highly Talented Doctor | The Most Amazing Doctor | リバーサル〜神の腕を持つ研修医〜 | 盖世神医
Gaishi Shenyi, Gàishì Shényī, Highly Talented Doctor, The Most Amazing Doctor, リバーサル〜神の腕を持つ研修医〜, 盖世神医


Betrayed by his girlfriend, suppressed by colleagues, and misunderstood by his boss, Ye Qiu’s life takes an unexpected turn when he stumbles upon an extraordinary opportunity. With newfound powers, he embarks on a journey to heal the sick and save lives in the bustling metropolis. As he joins a clandestine organization and fights for justice, Ye Qiu’s reputation grows, eventually earning him the prestigious title of Medical Saint. This captivating tale chronicles his rise from adversity to become an urban legend.

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Highly Talented Doctor
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