The Betrayal of Shadow

Shadow's Resurgence | 家族影子的背叛
Shadow's Resurgence, 家族影子的背叛


Saul Cooper, esteemed as the family’s most loyal and capable “shadow,” is betrayed by the newly appointed head of the Cooper family after leading the family to victory in battles. Enduring humiliation from former subordinates, Saul seeks vengeance but discovers a childhood pact preventing him from harming Allen, his tormentor. Learning of his predetermined role as a “shadow” from Allen, Saul harnesses his magic to reclaim everything Allen took from him, including his talents and abilities. While Allen survives, he loses his sway, and the Cooper family faces disunity. However, Saul’s rebirth before the enchantment offers a chance for redemption and a new beginning.

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The Betrayal of Shadow
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